Our Services

Professional planning, management and support for all the phases of your building project. The following is an extract from our service portfolio.

1. Consultancy

  • Project scoping
  • Customised design planning
  • Preparing building applications
  • Project development and coordination
  • Assessing building damage
  • Valuation of developed and undeveloped plots of land
  • Green buildings

2. Building planning

  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Construction of flats and houses
  • Redevelopment and change of use planning
  • Remedial maintenance and preservation of historical monuments
  • Garden and landscape planning
  • Location selection and real estate consultancy

3. Building support

  • Project management
  • Tendering, award, invoicing
  • Building supervision and management
  • Property management

If you would like to discuss your particular project with us:

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The Process

Our work is usually split into two parts, the Planning stage and the Building Regulation stage. This is the general process:
  • Client contacts Seven Design Build (SDB) with initial ideas.


  • SDB arranges to meet client on site to discuss proposals.


  • Quotation is prepared and sent to client, detailing the work to be carried by SDB. Quotation includes list and price of our work, any additional expenses likely to be incurred (e.g. Local Authority fees, structural calculations, coal ming reports etc) so there are no nasty surprises!


  • Upon acceptance of our quotation, we carry out a full measured survey of the existing site/property.


  • A survey drawing of the existing property, and sketch plan proposal drawings are prepared and sent to the client for comments. We often deliver the drawings to the client and talk through the proposals face to face. We will usually draw up the client's ideas on one drawing, and then come up with a couple of our own ideas for you to consider.


  • Any necessary alteratations are made to the drawing, and a final planning drawing is sent to the client for approval before submission. (If planning permission is not required, this step is omitted)


  • SDB prepare a planning application including drawings, location and block plans, forms and any other necessary documentation, and submit to the relevant local authority with clients cheque for the local authority planning fee.


  • The planning process takes around 8 weeks. After the application is submitted, the council usually respond within a week to confirm that it has been received, and confirm the decision date for the application.


  • SDB consult with the local authority planning department during the 8 weeks to check on the progress of the application, and whether it is likely to be approved.


  • Presuming the application is approved, we send the approval documents to the client. If an application is refused, the council allow a 'free go', where you can submit an amended proposal for free (within 1 year of the refusal). Depending on the extent of the amendments, we may or may not charge for this work.


  • The next stage before work can start is to apply for Building Regulation approval. After instruction from the client, we prepare working drawings detailing how the proposals will be constructed. These are then submitted to the local authority Building Control department for approval.


  • Unlike the planning stage, you do not need to wait for an approval to start work after submitting a Building Regulation application, although it is advised. The local authority usually approve the drawings within 5 weeks. We deal with any queries they may have in that time.


  • Approved Building Regulation drawings and documents are sent to the client, which can be used to obtain accurate quotations from builders.



Unless you require us to project manage the build, that is usually our bit done. Of course, we are always able to provide advice to the client or builder if required during the construction phase.

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